US 67/US 87 Relief Route Study


Study Background

TxDOT is conducting a relief route study around the City of San Angelo for the construction of an alternate route to US 67/US 87.

The goal of the study is to identify a safe alternative to existing US 277 through downtown San Angelo. The US 67/US 87 Relief Route Study will consider alternatives that would enhance mobility and ease future traffic congestion by connecting US 277 to US 67/US 87 north of San Angelo.

Purpose and Need

US 67 and US 87 intersect within the City of San Angelo, but there is no direct highway connection between them north of San Angelo. Traffic is currently routed along US 277 through downtown San Angelo, creating safety and mobility issues, particularly for oversized trucks. The result is through and local freight traffic being funneled through downtown San Angelo, leading to congestion, crashes, and increased wear and tear on local roads. An alternative route to the existing US 67/US 87 is needed due to congestion, mobility, and safety issues associated with traffic, including local, though, and freight being routed through downtown San Angelo.

The purpose of an alternative connection between existing US 67 and US 87 is to reduce congestion, enhance mobility, and improve safety through the city of San Angelo and Tom Green County.

The Ports-to-Plains Corridor Advisory Committee recommended a relief route around San Angelo for the future I-27 corridor. The relief route may serve as that future I-27 corridor as determined through additional environmental studies.


Summary of Public Meeting #1

TxDOT held a public meeting for the US 67/87 Relief Route Study on November 12, 2019. The public meeting included an open house starting at 5 p.m. followed by a formal presentation at 5:30 p.m. TxDOT presented the study purpose and need, crash data, environmental constraints, and the process being used to conduct the study. Maps were on display and attendees could provide their input about the proposed Study Area boundary, potential constraints in the Study Area, and provide suggestions of where a future relief route for US 67/US 87 should be located. Attendees were also provided a list of goals of the study and were asked to indicate with they thought were the most important. There was also an aerial map provided so attendees could mark their most frequent routes they traveled in the region.


Feedback Received at Public Meeting #1

Thirty-five citizens and three elected officials attended the public meeting. TxDOT received three formal written comments during the comment period. Attendees also provided their input during the meeting.

Comments received from the public at the meeting and during the comment period include:

  • Provide a safe concept
  • Impact the least amount of property owners
  • Avoid the pet cemetery

Meeting attendees recommend the following goals during the goal exercise:

  • Provide a safe and efficient connection between US 67 and US 87
  • Support the economic activity, employment growth, and encourage businesses into the area by providing efficient transportation connections for movement of freight and people
  • Promote consistency between transportation improvements and state and local planned growth and economic development patterns


Summary of Public Meeting #2

TxDOT held a virtual public meeting on June 18, 2020, as a result of social distancing restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic. The recorded presentation was available for the 15-day comment opportunity. TxDOT presented the purpose of the study, goals of the study, and eight preliminary concepts. A map of each concept was presented along with any potential environmental constraints that may be impacted as a result of the concept. TxDOT asked for input on the preliminary concepts.


Feedback Received at Public Meeting #2

A total of 282 distinct visitors viewed the virtual public meeting website and 43 logged their attendance via the sign-in form. Comments on the preliminary concepts included support for concepts with few impacts, concern with impacts to current and future agricultural operations, and suggesting potential modifications to existing preliminary concepts.


Purpose of Public Meeting #3

The purpose of the final public meeting on the US 67/US 87 Relief Route Study is to present the Preferred Concept and receive feedback from the public. The Phase II Evaluation Matrix along with the Preferred Concept are located on the next and back page. Following this meeting, TxDOT will review the public input on the Preferred Concept, decide on a Recommended Concept and prepare the final technical reports and Feasibility Study report.